Teasers * 

*  Okay, so the Teasers aren't exactly teasers...

Following the Info Dump (sometimes referred to as the first draft), and now finishing the umpteenth draft of my memoir, I realize many sections have found their way to the cutting room floor.


I didn't want those stories lost, so back in the summertime, I labeled them Teasers and began posting, you know, to tease you, my readers.


The posts under Teasers add to the history and setting of Judy' Jermyn with intentions to pique interest in Calico Lane.

This section will remain Teasers, for lack of an appropriate one-word descriptor; however, it could also be called "The Cutting Room Floor" or "Look What I Tossed Out."


Mixed in with the sections that were cut, are also excerpts from later drafts which will stay in Calico Lane.

A sincere thank you in advance to those of you who have offered to Beta Read Calico Lane.


Who knows what Calico Lane will look like once it's completed.

My goal was to post a dozen teasers/excerpts while writing Calico Lane. Soon, the publishing of my book will be announced. I hope you'll stay with me on this journey! In the meantime, please cast a vote for your favorite teaser.

Teasers and Excerpts: