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Time to Let it Go

Each doctor had a different acronym. The third appointment told me what I feared: 'It was time.'

She explained, "You've invested money and significant care. You've done your best. You did everything right. Fifty-some years is a long time. It's time to let it go." The theme from Disney's Frozen played in my head.

She told me the procedure would take about a half hour, and I’d remember nothing.

So, on July 1st, I bid a sad farewell to tooth number 30.

For the procedure, I opted for an intravenous anesthetic because I didn't want to hear or feel anything. Some are braver and don't mind hearing the snapping, cracking, or popping (this is where the Rice Krispies jingle plays in my mind).

If there were causes for drilling, I didn’t want to know. Tell me about it afterward or not at all.

Other patients don't mind listening to the chatter and instructions during a procedure. For them, numbing the area is enough. As for me, I treat all procedures like a colonoscopy. I don't want to hear anyone say "Oops." The surgeon's assistant told me they avoided saying that word. Still, I didn't risk it.

And, I didn't want to feel the pressure of the surgeon leaning against me as she steadied the forceps and yanked. Not me. The less I know the better I will feel afterward.

The oral surgeon was right. I don't remember anything. The gauze, swollen cheek, and sore jaw were the only reminders of the extraction. The gauze lasted an hour, the swelling is still there, and the jawbone will take several weeks to heal completely. A slight bruise appeared this morning.

I've begun my two-week menu of soft foods: cottage cheese, applesauce, mashed potatoes with melted sharp cheddar, chicken broth with noodles, eggs with lightly toasted plain bread, and chocolate pudding. My wife makes a mean protein smoothie, too. A half flat of Spooner's raspberries sits on the kitchen counter. I'll freeze them to enjoy later in the month; for now, I must stay clear of tiny seeds.

Our dog, Suzy, sensed something was amiss. Suzy isn’t a cuddler unless she’s frightened and then can’t get close enough. When I returned home after the extraction, Suzy sat next to me. I imagined she knew how I felt because she’s missing a few teeth!

So, dear readers, that’s all I have for this month. Check out my website for prior postings and some other fun stuff.

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And remember to floss only the teeth you want to save!


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