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Let's ZOOM!!!

Okay, your Book Club is interested in Calico Lane because someone you know lived in NE PA, knew the author, or read the book. 

Calico Lane contains universal themes we all experience: love and hate, belonging and rejection, family, faith, and so much more! It's a coming-of-age story that will resonate--at times differently--with each reader. It's a book about how pretending only fools the pretender. 


Perhaps your group (church group, a group of friends, a group of young adults--any group of people) is interested in my path toward living my truth; and how my life in pretense made the journey more difficult than it had to be. 


Or, was the path I took the only path available in earlier decades? How does one break through the social and cultural norms that enslave us?


For the Zoom session, all book club members who have read Calico Lane will be able to chat about the plot, theme, and story arc; or we can get more personal about the hows and whys of my journey; or perhaps you would like to share struggles you are encountering today.


Yes, it's FREE! Please limit inquiries to one per book club group of no more than eight people. If you're solo and have read Calico Lane and want to join in with other solos, sign up! Complete the form below to book a date and a link for the zoom will be sent to you.

Sessions are typically at 4 pm Pacific Time / 7 pm Eastern Time. I will do my best to accommodate all who are interested. Use the form below to submit a ZOOM request today!

Let's Zoom

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