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Back Stage Antics ~ Favorite Memories

Salida Colorado's Stage Left Theater was founded in       by Gregory West and Shelley Jacobs. This community theater delivered performances several times a year for .... .years....  until it was dissolved in                      .

Volunteers came and went over the years.  Everyone in town who wanted to 'try' were given opportunites to construct sets, help with costuming, wrangle kid actors, manage props.  I first voliunteered for back stage crew for the Christmas production in 2003. Eileen, encouraged this action as I had become depressed being away from my family (all on the east coast). Getting involved in rehearsals and productions quickly overcame my low spirits and becoming part of this amazing ensemble for some 12 years began friendships that continue. 

While I was not able to secure a poster for EVERY production I worked, those pictured here will provide a favorite memory. The 'stuff' that goes on backstage is sometimes as funny as the actions in front of the curtain. 

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