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Staged Works

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New for 2023

a comedy

Work in Process

 a new one-act 

Bring Salt When You Visit

I've always enjoyed live theater productions, and volunteering for the backstage crew at a local amateur theater had me wondering if I'd be able to write a one-act.

I purchased a book (pictured below) and adapted one of my short stories, The Photo Album to Some Angels Play Checkers, a one-act play. There was no going back!

Kathleen E. George gives plenty of

examples with easy-to-follow techniques beginning with simple scenes to one-acts and longer works.

All that is needed is imagination and a little bit of luck!


LOL, a one-act play, is the recipient of an Honorable Mention in two contests.

Ready for your favorite thespians to perform! *

An immersive celebration: The Hotel Olympian 100th Anniversary Gala Extravaganza

Due to COVID 19 a radio play took the place of scheduled live performances

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