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"Listen, the Board is Talking"-- a revision of my short story Board Games -- has been accepted for publication in the Northwest Independent Writers Association (NIWA) 2023 Anthology, Harbinger.  NIWA is based in Oregon and promotes members' books at year-round events in locations spanning from Eugene and Portland to Olympia and Gray's Harbor.   

There are approximately 150 NIWA members (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Northern California, Nevada, and Alaska) who share experiences in writing, publishing, and promoting their work on NIWA's Facebook page. For more information on NIWA, visit their website:


Due to the contract agreement, my story cannot be published on my site until after February 1, 2024. 

When the book is available for sale I'll have a link here!  All proceeds from sales of NIWA's anthologies go to NIWA to further the association's mission. NIWA anthologies (paperback) are available through Amazon and cost between $4 and $10, depending on the number of pages.

In 2002, Slips, published in the Colorado anthology, Valley Voices: Ripples in the Streams of Life. The story is about a swimming hole and creek in the Calico Lane neighborhood where, as children, we took refuge from the summertime heat.

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The Who Who Man, was selected for The Sound of Poetry 1992 recording by The National Library of Poetry through a contest by Poetry@The Artist.

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