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Amazon does not provide FREE copies of books to authors. As an Indie Author (Independent Author), I depend on word of mouth as well as Amazon and Goodreads reviews to get readers interested in my book. I must purchase each book and pay taxes and shipping to sell through my website.


For a limited time, as a special 'thank you' to those who subscribe to my monthly posts, I am waiving the postage in the continental U.S. and will send a signed copy of Calico Lane for $15 ($13.71 book and $1.29 tax.) 

The form will also have a space to write in the recipient's name for a signed copy and for you to provide the full shipping address for the book.


Not on the monthly post subscription list? It's free, all I need is your email here:



Thank you for supporting Calico Lane and all Indie Authors!  ~~ Judy

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