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Amazon does not provide FREE copies of books to authors. As an Indie Author (Independent Author means no agent.)  Indie Authors depend on word of mouth, and Amazon and Goodreads reviews for getting readers interested in our books). For books I sell through this website,  I must purchase each book and pay for shipping to my address.


I am offering a slightly discounted, signed copy of Calico Lane for $20 ( book $14.08, Washington tax  $1.25, and postage ($4.67 +/- in the continental United States). 

Please let me know when your payment is on the way so that I am sure to have book(s) available! This form will also have a space to write in the recipient's name for a signed copy and for you to provide the full shipping address for the book.


Thank you for your support of Calico Lane and all Indie Authors!  ~~ Judy

Yes, I want to purchase a copy of Calico Lane

Please send a check or money order for $20 to:

Pisatel Press, LLC      3106 Grass Lake Ln, NW           Olympia  WA   98502

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