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I Did an Awful Thing...

I hurt my dog. It was an accident, but nevertheless, I hurt Suzy. I was clipping her onto the seatbelt, which we always do when she’s riding in the back seat. I tugged her harness, and she squealed a tiny bit. Her back leg was caught in the seatbelt. I clipped her in and patted her on the head. But after the car ride, when Eileen unhooked her to let her out, Suzy jumped out of the back seat onto the concrete and yelped. It was a terrible yelp!


She lay down for a bit, and after some encouragement, she got up and entered the house. However, she had trouble with the two steps leading into the house. Then, rather than her usual bouncy walk to the kitchen, she lay halfway there with her head down, ears down and tail between her legs…

She ignored me. OMG, I felt awful. I knelt and rubbed her legs and back, nothing seemed out of place. But what do I know? I cried.


I coaxed her into the living room on her blanket there (yes, she has a soft place to lay in almost every room in the house) and poured some love on her. I sat beside her, talking softly, and did a little brushing, but SHE WOULDN’T LOOK AT ME!


Later, she fell asleep on the blanket next to my desk, and we kept an eye on her all day and gave her a baby aspirin. By supper time, she was walking around almost normal, and then we took our evening walk, and she was almost her old self.

But I was sick to my stomach all day.


She forgave me by nightfall, and today, she came to me for her belly rub and love pats. Even though Suzy sometimes acts like a puppy, I must remember that she’s an old gal. I have to be more careful and go slower. Today is a new day.


And that’s why I don’t have a May 1st post.


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