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Adulting is not for Wimps

It may have been Walt Disney who said, “Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional!”

I passed my 71st birthday last month and attempted to wrap my head around the aging process. As children, the ‘oldest’ people we knew were probably grandparents, and we never imagined ourselves in their 'sensible' shoes. We thought most of the teachers in elementary school were old, because we were so young. By the time we entered college, many of the professors were closer to our age, and all of a sudden, we transitioned into adulthood.

Remember when we believed we were invincible? We played sports unaware of how our knees and spine would react in the future. By the time we approached middle age, the years passed at a faster rate. Sooner than we thought, retirement was around the corner. At my 52nd High School reunion last fall, we compared replaced knees, heart valves and stints, and arthritic digits. Very few seventy-year-old classmates were unscathed.

Adulting is not for wimps. The responsibilities are endless and with age comes facing mortality and realizing how short life truly is. I’ve attended the funerals of several friends who passed at much earlier ages -- Annie, for one, died at 55 years old. That is difficult to comprehend, mostly because it seems as though it happened recently rather than in the past.

February was jam-packed with sad news: a classmate died, a relative was diagnosed with a serious health issue, and a dear friend suffered a serious stroke. Many friends and acquaintances are battling health issues. For the most part, I’ve dodged many bullets and I don't take that for granted--not for a minute. I realize that the next health issue could be the beginning of the end. With more days and years behind me than in front, I think about what it is that I can do to make 2024 -- my 71st year -- the best.

Live in love, not hate.

Live in hope, not anger.

Live in truth, not rumor.

Live in kindness, not rudeness.

Live in generosity, not selfishness.

Live in peace, not frustration.

Live in joy, not doubt.

Live in movement, not fear.

Live in love.

~ Rachel Marie Martin



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I'm about as ready as I can be for continuing my 71st year. I'll take the good with the bad, and wish only the good for you!



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