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The Dreaded NYRs

Aren't you tired of listening to people ramble on about New Year Resolutions (NYRs)? For at least sixty years I’ve been aware that NYRs are a thing people track. I'm definitely tired of hearing that someone resolves to:

· lose twenty pounds (no, you aren’t)

· stop smoking (maybe you will, but more likely you won’t)

· stop drinking (does wine count?)

. stop biting fingernails (until the next stresssor)

· volunteer (perhaps for the first month or two)

· call the parents at least once a week. (Ermm)

· learn to swim (possibly)… scuba dive (doubtful)… to golf (maybe)

· do better with saving money (no, you won’t)

. give more to charity (nice thought, but doubtful)

· write THAT book…..Ahhhhh – Now you’ve got my attention. I’m all in! What can I do to help? Let’s break it down: What kind of book would you write? Which books in that genre have you most enjoyed reading? Do you belong to a local writer’s group? Do you know anyone currently writing in that genre?

If every NYR received the same response as the book writing, would you find yourself following through at least until mid-summer?

NYRs seemingly are well intended, but are they more likely to be expressions of dissatisfaction? By not keeping NYRs, do we reinforce discontent? I think as we age, it becomes more difficult to change habits and routines.

Perhaps we should keep it simple. Maybe there is one resolution we can all accomplish in the New Year that will stretch beyond next December 31st:

Let each of us resolve to be more kind in 2023.

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1 comentario

01 ene 2023

Thank you for this. I have someone who needs to read this, she has been wanting to publish a book she wrote but hesitant. Hopefully this will give her the push she needs

Me gusta
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