Judy's Jermyn: blog and memoir teasers

The Almost Full Story

When I was little, Mom told me “Stop making things up.”

I didn’t listen.

I cannot remember a time when there wasn’t a story

rambling around in my head.

I’d scribble an idea into a notebook, a diary, or onto loose-leaf paper.

For a long time, the ideas remained scribbles.


As the years passed, some of the ideas were crafted into short stories.

Some of the short stories were then adapted for one-act plays.

Now, the scribbles are memory triggers for my new journey: a memoir.

  The works on these pages and in my memoir, Calico Lane,

are connected to or are inspired by,

the people who forever call this little town, home

I am thankful and fortunate to have had beginnings filled with love

from parents and extended family, and a safe neighborhood

in which to experience the wonders of childhood.

Judy’s Jermyn will delight all who have

found their beginnings in Jermyn or a town similar.

With each passing day, Judy’s Jermyn gains more followers,

and with that, even more success.

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