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Hello Summertime,

Ahhh yes...summertime. Lazy afternoons in hammocks or poolside, berry-flavored iced tea; a time for family gatherings, picnics at the lake, drive-in movies, hikes with your dog, bird watching, and lots of barbecuing. And, a wonderful time to visit your local library and pick up a new release by your favorite author. Every now and then I look at my library's website and search for Calico Lane. Usually, the stats show that one copy is available, with 0 holds. But this week there are 4 holds on it! Imagine my surprise! People are still waiting their turn to read Calico Lane! This month’s posting is a request to each of you. Will you help to get Calico Lane into as many libraries as possible? For Indie Authors, the BEST way to start is by asking friends and family to take a few minutes and ask the librarian if they would order a copy of Calico Lane to add to their inventory? The librarian will google it or search on Amazon, so all you really need is the name of the book and my name, and perhaps the ISBN # 978-0-578-34083-8. Chances are, when the librarian sees Calico Lane is a two-time award-winning book, with a 4.9 Amazon Rating, they will be happy to order it. And to all of you on the East Coast, especially in the mid-Atlantic region, the book is set in your region – another reason a library would choose to shelve it!

What also would be fun, if you have friends in some faraway places, and if they are readers, ask them if they’d do the same at their local library. Wouldn’t it be fun to see Calico Lane in say, Fargo, ND or Anchorage, AK or Toronto, Canada or London, England or Sydney, Australia? I’ve walked into several libraries within driving distance of Olympia, and have handed over a copy as a donation. It’s daunting for one person to accomplish much doing it this way. And, since authors do not receive free copies of their books, it can also become a fairly large expense. For me, it’s not about the SALES as much as it’s about having Calico Lane available to anyone who would like to read it! Let’s see how many libraries will agree to shelve my book by the end of this year! Tell me it's in your library and I'll add it to the list on my website. Can I count on you? Let's work on getting Calico Lane into a library near you! Thanks and enjoy the remainder of the summer! Stay Safe! Stay Healthy! Judy P.S. Remember to leave a comment/review on Amazon or Goodreads so that other readers can decide if Calico Lane is a book they'd like to read!

Calico Lane: a memoir about family and breaking through social and cultural norms 2022 Best Indie Book Award 2023 Firebird Book Award

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